Lily's piano footrest

The Piano Footrest

The Piano Footrest

3 Reasons that make this piano footrest unique.

1. The top tray has a rabbit cut into the bottom of each end. This patented design keeps the tray in place while busy students sit at the piano.

2. This footrest is held together with two modified mortis and tension joints. The vice gripping ability of two heavy duty jig knobs creates a footrest that is solid as a rock!

3. This footrest quickly disassembles with 1/2 a turn of the knobs. There is no hardware to lose because the jig knobs are permanently fixed to the beam.

Let her show you her footrest and tell you why her footrest is the BEST piano footrest anywhere!

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This footrest breaks down so easily. It makes transportation & storage hassle free.

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Our piano footrest is priced so every child and student can own one.

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